“I have been suffering from severe knee pain in my right knee due to a meniscus tear some 2 years ago. Working and travelling got increasingly more painful and I decided to book in for knee surgery. Earlier this year, Kathy offered to treat my knee with her Physiokey and I had a number of sessions over the following 10 days, or so. After the first session, the swelling in my knee disappeared completely and the joint felt less “heavy”. After 2 sessions, I was able to work painfree – something I hadn’t been for over 1 year – and move around comfortably again. The best news was that I didn’t need to have the surgery, because I was able to train and slowly build up the surrounding muscles, ligament, and tendons without any pain. This would not have been possible without the Physiokey. Thank you, Kathy!”
– Sylvia, Portugal
“Kathy is one of my horses’ favourite people, and her bodywork visits have become a necessity for us. For the youngster it is great to have Kathy give me feedback on body sensitivities and stiffness now that we are in the initial stages of riding. For my older horse with a broken wither, Kathy’s work brings him great relief and he is very expressive in his appreciation for her. The three of us can’t recommend Kathy highly enough.”
– Elrike, De Uitzight
“The first session for my horse showed an amazing change even a non horse person can see. I then rode her and didn’t feel a great difference, just that she was more supple. After only the second session, I feel like I am riding an absolutely different horse. Her movement is so free and I don’t feel she is restricted. She is coming through and lowering her head which is awesome. It has made a huge difference in only two sessions and I am so excited what might happen in more. So happy to have my horse moving amazingly again. You don’t realise the work is needed until it’s done.”
– Lexi, Monte Cavalo
“I have been using Kathy’s bodywork services for my horses for 5 years. Over the last year she has done work on me and fellow human colleagues (not just animals). She has been using her Physiokey device during these sessions. I personally felt improvement after one session but the major improvement occurred after the second session. My recurring spasm in my trapezius has subsided since my bodywork with Kathy.”
– Kristi, Monte Cavalo
“Highly recommended non invasive treatment offers immediate relief for acute muscular and joint discomfort, and may also address the underlying issues. In my case regular Physiokey treatments offer relief from chronic discomfort in hands (carpal tunnel syndrome) and feet (bunions) with a noticeable reduction of redness/swelling in affected areas. Best of all my need to take anti inflammatory drugs has radically decreased.”
– Hilary, Constantia
“A year or two ago, I had worked myself to the point of burnout – working and doing no other kinds of exercise. Bending, moving, changing positions, getting into and out of bed was painful and I felt like crying every time I had to get to trim another hoof. After a 20 minute session with Kathy, using her Physiokey and Tucker Biokinetics, I could stand up straight and move my body, which felt light and relieved, comfortably and easily!”
– Engela, Paarl

“I developed arthritis in my right hand about four years ago and it rapidly became very swollen and painful particularly around the base of the thumb joint. Two specialists and lots of drugs failed to cure the condition as it turned out I am allergic to the drugs prescribed for this condition. After living for so long with constant pain in both hands (the left hand developed arthritis a year ago) I had given up on looking for a cure.

A few weeks ago I met a friend’s daughter who advised that she believed she could help by administering therapy using a relatively new and drug-free device called Physiokey. I was quite sceptical but agreed to a couple of test sessions, mainly because, being drug-free, there seemed no risk in trying.

I was amazed and excited when after the first session there was a marked visible reduction in the swelling. Also, there seemed to be an easing of the pain level but by the next day, the pain was creeping back up again although the swelling remained much reduced. By the second session, a couple of days later, the pain was definitely easing and by the third session, it was markedly improved.

I am continuing with treatment on a weekly basis and very hopeful that this treatment is, at last, giving me relief from the constant pain. The mobility of my hands is returning and I am even able to open a bottle of wine when we go out to dinner without having to ask my wife to do so!”

– Phil, Steenberg Estate
“Rusty is doing so well! He is allowing me to do fascia release on his hips now, and he asks me to touch his legs and back. The turning point was definitely your second treatment. He acts like a young dog again and has so much more energy and personality. He doesn’t sleep as much as he used to, either.”
– Morgana, Somerset West

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